Reiki 1 Certification

Are you looking for new ways to increase your sense of well-being and experience of abundance? Would you like to understand more about the subtle energies from other people and the environment that affect you? Exploring Reiki is for you!

Reiki is first and foremost a self-practice that brings emotional harmony, encourages relaxation and stimulates the body's natural healing processes. It's a great tool for managing and alleviating chronic stress and pain, too.

Who will benefit from this?: 

Reiki 1 will benefit anyone looking for ways to reduce stress and increase relaxation in their lives. The tools in Reiki 1 certification will help you develop peacefulness and wellbeing if practiced regularly. 

Joanna also specializes in training wellness professionals looking to add Reiki to their repertoire and those who wish to become professional Reiki practitioners who are passionate about mind-body-spirit balance and personal growth, and who have a burning desire to help others find healing.

What's involved?: 

Reiki 1 Certification is taught over a period of 2 months.  Class involves lecture, hands-on activities and plenty of time for practice.  Students go home and practice techniques in between classes.  Certification is given at the end, once students demonstrate competency in Reiki 1.

Reiki 1 Certification syllabus includes:

  • Reiki Basics and History

  • Meditation & Chakras

  • Attunement and Self-Reiki

  • Energy Management Techniques

  • Scanning & Grounding

  • Treatments for Others

  • Student Reiki clinic practicum


How to get started: 

Open Houses to Ask all your Reiki Questions

  • Sunday May 31 from 5-6pm

Spring 2015 Session 

  • Reiki 1 class on Sunday evenings 7-8:30pm June 7 through July 19, skipping Independence Day weekend, with clinic on Tues June 16th 6:30-8:30


Tuition is $175 paid with cash, check or credit at the first class. Register on Paypal in advance to save $25. Click here to pay $150 via Paypal.