Mastermind Circle

What is the Mastermind Circle?

It is the support group you need to get the feedback, encouragement, support, and strategies for your business to grow and thrive!

Who will benefit from this?: 

Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

They are coaches, practitioners, business owners, entrepreneurs who are: passionate about being of service and helping people feel better and change their lives, determined to make a difference in others lives and in their community by teaching and modeling how to live well and experience abundance, committed to having a thriving, sustainable business that supports their chosen lifestyle, dedicated to creating a successful business that reflects their passions, integrity and values, enthusiastic about creative collaboration with other like minded professionals and see colleagues as inspiration instead of competition, courageously establishing a unique niche in the marketplace for their services based on their gifts and passions.

What's involved?: 

The Mastermind Circle is a facilitated group of 3-5 heart centered entrepreneurs who stay connected through a monthly conference call and a private online community where you can share your celebrations, milestones, and challenges and receive support, encouragement and strategies to help you continue to grow.

Each month, you will get a chance to be in the spotlight seat and share what's going on with you and your business and receive what you need to help you move through any challenges. During the monthly mastermind call, each participant gets a spotlight seat to share progress towards goals, celebrations and milestones and current challenges. Then s/he gets a chance to receive encouragement, support, advice and strategy from Joanna and all the other participants. Joanna also facilitates a short meditation, activity or lecture on a relevant heart centered business challenge or strategy to conclude the conference.

In addition to the 90 minute monthly session on the phone, participants can stay connected through the month on a private Facebook group or through email with Joanna and the other participants. Participants also have access to the conference line throughout the month for a casual, self-directed group chat.

What's my investment?

Your membership dues for the Mastermind Circle are $25/month made via a Paypal subscription.

How to get started: 

Listen to a recording of the Mastermind call so you know exactly what to expect.

For more information or to join, email Joanna the following information:

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