Heart-centered Entrepreneurship

The world needs your talents as a healing professional. There are people out there hoping to find you to help them bring their lives and spirits back into balance.

Step courageously into the life you are meant to be living: an authentic, heart centered business where you can effortlessly attract and help people who need your guidance and support.

"I recommend this training because this is what WE all need. We need someone willing to genuinely help guide us and give us a supportive, structured opportunity to provide the best practice we possibly can have." - Jennifer C.

Joanna's Heart-centered Entrepreneurship training programs will help you get clear on how to create and establish your authentic, ideal business.

You will learn how to:

create an authentic practice that supports your lifestyle, 

envision and find your ideal clients,

develop your unique niche in the marketplace,

discover an authentic marketing style that attracts clients,

and learn the best heart-centered business practices for your business.

"I think the most valuable insight was realizing that I am holding myself back and no one else. I am able to dream bigger and I am more confident in the success of my business. It feels great not have to compromise between what I want to do and what I think will fetch me the most money. I have the confidence to do what I feel is best for me and I know that I will be provided for." - Olga T. 

Who will benefit from this?: 

You are passionate about being of service and helping people feel better and change their lives.

You are determined to make a difference in your community by teaching and modeling how to live well and experience abundance.

You are committed to working for yourself and making a comfortable living doing so.

You are dedicated to growing and maintaining an authentic business that is in alignment with your values and lifestyle.

You are enthusiastic about creative collaboration with other like-minded professionals.

You want to feel abundant, secure and successful, and establish a practice that effortlessly attracts opportunities and clients that are waiting to find you.

And you:

  • are less than 6 months into your practice or have been practicing for years on friends and family
  • want to be valued as a professional now
  • are struggling to attract the clients you need for your practice to be fulfilling and profitable
  • are unsure about the most effective, authentic way to promote your services
  • are hoping to shift out of your “day job” to a full-time business but are unsure how
  • currently seeing clients in your home, and it doesn't feel right
  • tired of always looking for new clients because current clients are not rebooking
What's involved?: 

Clearing your Path for Success

The six week Clearing your Path for Success Teleclass will get you in touch with your Core self. We will map out your Inner Roadmap for Success, taking stock of all the skills and tools you have to create the success you deserve. Most importantly, we'll start the process of bringing your vision to life.  Through this process, you'll get to know yourself at the deepest level, and clear through the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back from succeeding. You'll learn tools and strategies to keep you moving forward no matter what life throws at you.   Read more about the Clearing your Path for Success Teleclass, see when the next LIVE class is scheduled or purchase a copy of the At-home-study Kit.

Six Steps for Success

The six week Six Steps for Success Teleclass will apply the skills you learned in the Clearing your Path for Success to building and maintaining a thriving business. 

 During the program you will 

  • establish yourself as a professional practitioner
  • discover which promotional activities will work best for you 
  • create the momentum to attract the clients your practice needs 
  • define your niche and noticeable position in the marketplace
  • schedule repeat appointments with happy clients

Read more about the Six Steps for Succses Teleclass, see when the next LIVE class is scheduled or check out the At-home-study Kit.


Heart-centered Entrepreneur Apprenticeship with Joanna

An authentic thriving practice full of clients whom you love to work with and who love to work with you requires a deep understanding and knowledge of your gifts and a commitment that you stay true to yourself in every aspect of how you operate, market and run your practice.  Until you are totally clear on who you are, what you do, and who you want to do it with - the message you put out to the world will be muddled. And it will be difficult for the people who will benefit most from your services to recognize themselves and the benefits available to them in working with you.

An Apprenticeship with Joanna will give you the clarity, courage and confidence you need to attract clients easily and practice in a sustainable, authentic way. 

The Apprenticeship is for those who know that they work best with someone else guiding the process, collaborating creatively with other people on the same journey, being held accountable, and supported through transformation. If you are ready to dive in and discover your gifts and develop an authentic source of courage and confidence, clear away subconscious roadblocks, and see significant results in your life and business, this apprenticeship is for you.  Find out more about the Heart-centered Entrepreneur Apprenticeship, see dates for the next LIVE program or check out the At-home-Study kit. 

Joanna specializes in working with Bodyworkers, Massage Therapists, Polarity Therapists, Reiki practitioners, Reflexologists, Shiatsu practitioners, Yoga Teacher/Trainers, Spiritual Advisors, Herbalists, Holistic Health Coaches and Enlightened Entrepreneurs who are ready to create significant results in life and business.