Clearing your Path for Success Learn at Home Program

Being a successful practitioner boils down to one thing only. Successful practitioners have authenticity. They are clear about the purpose of their practice, what they do best, what they can do for their clients and who they do it for.

Knowing how to access your inner voice and intuition is the fastest way to transform your business so it's profitable. In addition, this program will help you overcome the roadblocks that keep getting in your way.  The program includes the Clearing Your Path for Success e-book and 5 guided meditations set to inspirational music. 

Who will benefit from this?: 

Are you having trouble figuring out your special skills, talents and gifts?

Figuring out your unique path and niche can be tricky, but Joanna's Clearing your Path for Success program will guide you through specific exercises to get you directly in touch with this powerful information. 

This program is for heart-centered professionals who are new to entrepreneurship, not totally clear on what they want to offer, or are struggling with growing a thriving, sustainable business.

What's involved?: 

What others have experienced by using this program:

- Uncovering, & overcoming hidden fears and habits that create roadblocks to success. 

- Reliably accessing the wisdom, insight & intuition of their Core selves Resolving the Core issues that are blocking you from reaching your potential. 

- Insight, inspiration, & a workable action plan to make their vision a reality. 

- Access to their authentic gifts, talents & wisdom. 

- Enthusiasm and energy to fuel them towards their biggest dreams.

Joanna has created five different Guided Meditations set to inspirational music to help you do the exercises in the workbook. Each meditation ranges from 15-30 minutes, and there are over 75 minutes of meditations in this collection.  The meditations include:

Envisioning your Dream 

 To bring your dream to life, you need to start seeing it and believe in it. The following meditation will bring your dream practice to life in your mind and heart. Set aside a few uninterrupted moments each day to revisit your big Vision. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and make a change in your life, so make a commitment to practice focusing on your Vision from your heart so that it begins to feel real and attainable!

Insights into Roadblocks

Getting really clear about your heart’s desire can be a challenge if there are roadblocks in the way. Roadblocks can include conscious or subconscious fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging habits, procrastination, your own doubts, and the doubts of people in your life. This technique is a simple and easy way to access the roadblocks getting in your way and figure out what to do about them. Before you try this I suggest that you decide to view anything you discover with an open mind and compassion. Consider that anything you learn about yourself is an opportunity to learn and grow. Always be gentle with yourself. Remember that any fears, habits or patterns that you discover are there to protect you, even if they aren't really helping you attain your goals at the moment. Try to reframe them in a positive way using positive affirmations.

Meeting your Core Self 

Do you know your Core self? Some may call this the Spirit self, the Higher Self, or others may simply experience it as inner voice that whispers to you sometimes or that gut feeling that gives you good or bad vibes about a situation. Beyond just getting in touch with your Core self, developing a relationship with this wise aspect of yourself to guide your actions, decisions and interactions is crucial to developing the confidence, clarity and courage to practice with authenticity and attract the kind of clients  you desire.

Taking Next Steps

It's pretty common for a lot of us to want to know exactly what the outcome is going to be before you embark on a new project or business. We feel more comfortable when we have a plan that outlines X, then Y, then Z.  And yet, when it comes to your practice, you'll find that there are so many variables that you can't always predict or direct the outcome. It's really not very easy to predict how things are going to flow in your practice. I use this meditation at the beginning of each work day to help me get clear about what to focus my time, energy and effort on. Sometimes I tap into it more often during the day if something particularly challenging comes up. It's my way of surrendering to the flow of clients, situations, and opportunities that goes through my practice without totally losing sight of my Vision. Ready to try it?

Dreaming Even BiggerLet me ask you a question.  How many limiting beliefs did you let shape your dreams? What I mean is – did you consider what you want as if anything and everything were possible?  (Because it is.)  Or did you limit your dream  by how much you believe you can achieve, earn, affect change, help people, do what you want, love others, be loved, or be of value, are worthy, receive and give?   What if anything and everything you desire from the bottom of your heart is possible?  What would your dream look like then?

How to get started: 

The Clearing your Path for Success Learn-at-Home program includes a downloadable e-book and 5 meditation mp3s.  Buy the Clearing your Path for Success program now for $31.99.