Reiki Refreshers

Does your Reiki practice need a recharge?

Come refresh your Reiki Practice with these fun advanced Reiki workshops. 

Sample Reiki Refresher Workshops

  • Review the Basics at this Reiki Refresher for anyone who has lost his or her self-Reiki  practice or has not been to a Reiki share in a long time.  We will review grounding and protection, as well as scanning and hand positions for giving Reiki to others. Don't be shy - this is your chance to ask all your questions and practice with guidance.  
  • Mindfulness Practice for Reiki Practitioners A Reiki Refresher for Reiki students and practitioners on how to practice mindfulness meditation. Through mindfulness you can increase the capacity of your body and mind by taking this very simple practice and allowing it to transform your relationship with yourself, others, thoughts, and situations. 
  • Deepen your Reiki Intuition Come try out various techniques for developing your intuition about what's happening while you're giving Reiki. You'll discover what's natural for you and learn techniques you can practice at home to strengthen your intuition. Everyone of us is different, but we all have intuition that we can learn to trust.  Start here!
  • Discover your Reiki Calling Reiki is calling us to expand our understanding of how it is manifesting in the world. Reiki is not just for self-care or for those who wish to practice on others for healthcare. Reiki is a way of being that can inspire and create new opportunities in every life and vocation.  Join me  in sacred space to start exploring your own Reiki calling deeply and discovering how your unique manifestation of Reiki in the world is a part of the Reiki for a Better World movement. 
  • Giving Reiki to Animals  A Reiki class on giving Reiki to animals. 
  • Reconnect with your self-Practice  A workshop on the importance of your self-practice and inviting you to join an inspired, guided 21 day self-Reiki renewal blessing in the days after the class. 

Additional Details:

Reiki Refresher Workshops are open to Reiki students and practitioners of all levels.  If you and a group of Reiki practitioner/student friends are interested in a private Reiki Refresher, contact Joanna at 978-338-4326 or to register.


$25 per workshop or sign up for four for $80. Contact Joanna 

Reiki Refreshers

Previous topics include:

  • Grounding Techniques
  • Trust your Reiki Intuition
  • Chakra Review
  • Distance Reiki
  • Creating New Habits with Reiki
  • Managing Anxiety & Stress with Reiki
  • Deepen your Reiki Intuition with Japanese techniques
  • Emotional Healing with Reiki