Olga ~ Eternal Balance

Where were you in life & in your business before you worked with Joanna?: 

Before I started to work with Joanna, I had only a vague idea of what I want to do with my life. I didn't believe that what I would really like to do could be viable as a full time job. My dream was to be a healer and help people feel better about themselves. But this was just an inkling deep in my heart that I didn't think I would ever pursue seriously.

What did you learn and develop while working with Joanna?: 

I did Reiki Master training, Clearing your Path for Success, and Learn the Ropes coaching. I feel like I learned so much in those programs! I learned a lot about myself and what works and what doesn't for me. I really liked the personal attention that I received from Joanna and the support and encouragement that she gives. Her ability to listen to my ramblings and then come up with an insight is amazing and very helpful. 

Trusting myself was one of the most important things that I learned. Believing that I can do it, and that I should do it was also very important for me to learn. I also liked all the time-management help and focus on my own well-being.  I found role-playing to be an important tool to learn how to handle different situations. 

Believing in my own dream has been the best thing that happened as a result of my work with Joanna. Gaining confidence in my own abilities and knowing that support is always there for me if I need it has been wonderful. 

How do you define your Success now?: 

I consider my day successful if I was able to stay true to myself, if I was able to handle myself with grace, and if I was able to make someone feel better about themselves. This shift in perspective has helped me feel more fulfilled from my practice and in my life.

(Learn more about Olga Tumanyan, RMT, RYT and her business: Eternal Balance.)

Olga Tumanyan, RMT, RYT

Any other words of wisdom?: 

Listen to your heart and find some support! I found that having someone cheer you on and believe in your dream even when your belief is wavering to be invaluable. Be patient, trust in your heart that things will work out, and be brave. It takes courage to follow your heart, but it makes life so much more fulfilling.