Mimi ~ Phoenix Healing Arts

Where were you in life & in your business before you worked with Joanna?: 

I did not have a clear picture of what was keeping my practice small and disorganized. I wanted a practice in my own home that had at least 10 clients a week. I wanted to help people like me who were struggling with emotional and physical disabilities.

What did you learn and develop while working with Joanna?: 

I took the 6 week online course Clearing Your Path. I had also had two coaching sessions with her. I learned about how powerful my emotional blocks were around marketing, which my father was involved in, and about my feelings of not liking money, in that I felt wealthy people are evil. I also learned about meditations which specifically targeted my blockages and how to work through them.

I really liked the spiritual dimension and emotional dimension she brought to the work. I had had a 5 month course on Business development with a business plan and financial stuff being emphasized. It was good, but didn’t address the other parts of my life.

I now know where I’m coming from, what my road blocks actually look like, and I don’t just think it’s all about the economy. I believe that I can be successful now, because I know about the hitherto unknown road blocks that I had.

How do you define your Success now?: 

If I’m actively developing my business, and can try new ways of making it work, I’m successful. It’s not about dollars and cents only anymore.

I feel empowered and I don’t get all bent out of shape if I don’t have the number of clients I need right away. I just keep looking for better ways to connect with new clients, and I have faith that they will come.

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Any other words of wisdom?: 

I heartily recommend Joanna as a business coach to anyone in the helping and healing professions.