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When did you first realize you were drawn to Reiki?

After virtually six months in bed with a health crisis, dozens of doctors seen, every lab test done, and thousands of dollars in unpaid medical expenses, I had reached the end of my rope. That journey would lead me to exploring every complementary and alternative modality of healing, as I continued to depend on modern medicine for relief. I would read everything I could, and I found Reiki as a recurrent topic that continued to reveal itself. I would begin receiving Reiki treatments, which would eventually lead to an improvement in my health, allowing me to study one-on-one to become certified in both Reiki I and II. I was ultimately well enough to attend classes to become a Reiki Master, and resume living my life to the fullest!

Who did you study Reiki with?

Joanna Scaparotti, RMT, out of The Healing Center, of Beverly, MA, was my Reiki teacher for all three levels.

What was your experience like with learning Reiki with Joanna Scaparotti or another/other teacher(s)?

Reiki I gave me the opportunity to really pause and take a look at how I cared for myself, and forced me to reflect on how my choices impacted my reality. Learning to give myself self-Reiki opened up my heart and soul in a new dimension. I saw immediate personal benefits, and it profoundly attracted me to exploring deeper with Reiki II. By the time I completed Reiki II, I was a new person altogether. My health had improved, as did my commitment to sharing all the benefits I received with Reiki with others. I loved the balance of personal self-care and the gift of Reiki that I could give to others. The Reiki Master program required a deeper level of commitment from me, one that a few months earlier I would not have been able to offer. I am grateful for the challenges that each level offered, as the benefits multiplied each time.

What have been some significant milestones in your Reiki journey so far?

Each level of Reiki opened a new door for me. Reiki I was very much a level of self-exploration, where I got to know myself in ways that I never had before. Reiki II allowed me to connect more deeply with others, both with regards to Reiki and simply in a theme of compassion and acceptance. Becoming a Reiki Master was my crowning achievement, that brought me more pride than I could imagine. I truly feel that I was born to be a Reiki Master, ans to help share this amazing gift with others.

What level of Reiki training have you completed?

Reiki Master Practitioner

What does your self Reiki practice look like now?

I practice daily self-Reiki as a rule. I start and end my day with Reiki, focusing on my chakras, and any other area that calls for it. If I miss a day of self-Reiki, it will become evident very quickly, as I will become attuned to my imbalances. I do not attend Reiki shares as regularly as I should. I always benefit greatly from Shares when I do.

What challenges have you encountered with your personal Reiki practice?

I become challenged in my daily self-practice if the unexpected or unplanned events of life create an over-booked schedule for me. There are Reiki Shares available, but they often conflict with other responsibilities of mine. Sometimes the added cost of Shares can be burdensome.

Do you have a public, professional Reiki practice?


What challenges have you encountered with your professional Reiki practice?

Establishing consistent clients who can afford to pay for Reiki and make the commitment to schedule regularly has been an issue. Creating a wider-range of referrals from the medical field would be fabulous, as would insurance coverage for Reiki sessions.

If you do have a professional Reiki practice, tell me about it!

After years in the dental field, Melissa would begin a spiritual journey that would lead her to evaluate her life and guide her to her true purpose, helping individuals to live their own authentic lives and become the most genuine versions of themselves that they could be. She jumped at the opportunity to earn her degree from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, studying Transformational Psychology, with certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. During this period of time, she would fervently experience course work in areas such as Support Group Facilitation, Business Development, Prayer Therapy, Public Speaking, Sustainability and Conscious Living, Comparative Religion – Unity & Tolerance, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy for the Spirit, and Alternative Lifestyles & Diversity. Melissa capped this journey by completing hundreds of hours in training with Joanna Scaparotti, RMT, of The Healing Center of Beverly, MA, to become a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Melissa provides each client with resources to help them to attain their own personal wellness goals through individualized Reiki Sessions and Wellness Coaching plans with an emphasis in Holistic Nutrition. Additionally, Melissa can customize sessions to incorporate the use of Meditation, Guided Imagery, Aromatherapy, Candle Color Therapy and Crystals into her Reiki Sessions. Melissa has years of specific Nutrition Coaching experience with gluten-free diet guidance.

Find out more at Melissa Martin Wellness Resources and Peabody Massage

What do you envision for your Reiki practice in the future?

I envision working my busy practice in a way that many chiropractic offices do, with a steady stream of clients receiving maximum benefits from Reiki, and me being compensated appropriately through self-pays and insurance coverage.

What do you hope and envision for the Reiki profession as a whole in the future?

Same as previous answer, as well as a network of closely tied alternative practitioners.

What else would you like me to share at the Reiki for a Better World gathering?

More networking events such as Celebration of Reiki would create a greater mainstream view of Reiki.