Linda Scott

When did you first realize you were drawn to Reiki?

My first experience with Reiki was in '98 when a holistic PCP/Cardiologist Dr. Stephanie Stevens (Green) of Marblehead Holistic Consultants (who was a Reiki 1 ) I was seeing, used Reiki on my lower back to ease my discomfort. I was amazed at the relief I got and the feeling of intense heat. in '99 I learned more about Reiki from Florence Whipple and Kristan Webb when attending a Woman's Health Retreat in Danvers. I WANTED MORE!!! But because of my life at that time, I had to put this new experience on the back burner!

It would not be until April 2002, after a complete 360 of my life, and just finishing up my Holistic Massage training at SpaTech-Ipswich, Ma, that I had the opportunity to take my first Reiki 1 class with Karen Pischke, I was in the midst of a very messy divorce and knew I needed additional self help to get me through it WITHOUT altering my state with anxiety drugs.

Who did you study Reiki with?

From April 2002 til January 2012 my Reiki Master/Teacher/Mentor was Karen Prischke, RMT, BSRN, Dreamtime Wellness, Gloucester, MA. During my time with Karen, I renewed my Reiki 1 & 2 at least once to keep me on track until the Universe showed itself for my Master training. February 2012 started my Reiki Master training with Joanna Scaparotti, The Healing Center, Beverly, MA

What was your experience like with learning Reiki with Joanna Scaparotti or another/other teacher(s)?

Having had Polarity training at SpaTech-Ipswich, MA I was already aware of the benefits to myself and others of energy healing and training, so my initial experience was not as explosive as some people's. As stated above, I was on a mission of self preservation and exploration... Karen, being a nurse, enabled me to gain experience in a professional setting with the monthly Reiki clinics she ran at a local hospital.

I had all intentions of continuing my training to the Master/Teacher level with Karen. But time and the Universe had other plans for me.

I had moved my practice to The Healing Center's team in September of 2011 never thinking that I would be studying with Joanna. But when she offered her 6 month Master training in February 2012, the Universe said it was time! Though Karen and she have two different styles, the message and respect for Reiki is the same.

The challenge I had in the beginning in the Reiki clinics with Karen was keeping it pure and simple Reiki and keeping the Polarity out of it. That was then, Reiki is in everything I practice now!

What have been some significant milestones in your Reiki journey so far?

Each one of my attunements, even the repeats, have been enlightening. I would have to say that my very first Reiki 1 class and my Master training have been the significant milestones.

What level of Reiki training have you completed?

Reiki Master Practitioner

What does your self Reiki practice look like now?

My self Reiki is daily, some days it is morning and evening, Resolution for 2014 is to attend at least 1 share per month!

What challenges have you encountered with your personal Reiki practice?

NO! not if I do it within the first 1/2 hour of waking. There have been times that I have missed and found myself floundering and 'off course'...

Do you have a public, professional Reiki practice?


If you do have a professional Reiki practice, tell me about it!

I have been adding Reiki to my massages since June of 2002 when I opened my first office. My practice has evolved to 75% Reiki and/or Reflexology (integrated). I have been blessed to enable cancer clients through life (and death) find stability and serenity in their journey. By combining a session using Reiki and integrated Reflexology the WHOLE being is balanced inside, outside and spiritually.

Contact information

Linda Scott, LMT, RM, level 1 Polarity Practitioner call/text: 978-290-6755

What challenges have you encountered with your professional Reiki practice?

My challenge now is to become a RMT. There are clients who have expressed an interest that when the time was right for them they want to do their training with me.

What do you envision for your Reiki practice in the future?

My vision is to do more distant healing and my R&R as I age. At almost 68, though in good health and fairly good shape, I do not have the desire to being doing massage 2 or more years down the road. As like with my Master training, the Universe will show me when the time is right for teaching Reiki. I started to write Reiki teaching and study guides for myself last year... on the agenda for this year is to continue them.

What do you hope and envision for the Reiki profession as a whole in the future?

Though I am not a fan of licensing energy work, I do realize that there are standards that have to be set not so much in content or style, but more for ethics issues!

What would you like me to share at the Reiki for a Better World gathering?

Reiki is so basic and transcends all cultures... I envision more healthcare and law enforcement professionals getting at least a Reiki 1 training to keep themselves centered so as to do right by those they serve.