Katherine Oregel

When did you first realize you were drawn to Reiki?

I had been practicing yoga for awhile and wanted to incorporate something else into my daily life that I could also share with others.

Who did you study Reiki with?

Joanna Scaparotti at The Healing Center in Beverly for both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

What was your experience like with learning Reiki with Joanna Scaparotti or another/other teacher(s)?

I really enjoyed the small classes; I never felt afraid to ask questions. I also really liked the hands on experience that I got by practicing on the other students and hearing their feedback.

What have been some significant milestones in your Reiki journey so far?

Actually becoming certified in Reiki 2 was the most significant because I hadn't realized in the beginning that I would come this far. I originally thought that Reiki 1 would be enough and I would move on to something else but I really enjoyed learning about Reiki and knew that taking the next class made sense for me.

What level of Reiki training have you completed?

Reiki 2

What does your self Reiki practice look like now?

I should practice on myself everyday but I still find it difficult to make it a part of my daily routine; that's something I strive for! Right now I do self Reiki when I remember to, or when I can feel that I really need it. Hopefully starting next week I will begin attending Reiki shares, and that will help me get my practice into more of a routine.

What challenges have you encountered with your personal Reiki practice?

The fact that I have a very stressful job is part of the reason that I find it hard to set time aside for self practice, and since I am pregnant I am ALWAYS tired. Other than that, there is really nothing holding me back but myself. I just need to make the time.

Do you have a public, professional Reiki practice?

Not at this time

What do you envision for your Reiki practice in the future?

I hope to become a Reiki Master and provide Reiki to others on a professional level.

What do you hope and envision for the Reiki profession as a whole in the future?

I am hoping to strengthen my skills and knowledge as I learn new things and help not only my family and friends but strangers as well that need it. Even just with the Reiki attunements that I have gotten so far, it has been humbling to practice on my family and see actual positive results.