Heather Smidt

When did you first realize you were drawn to Reiki?

When I was 19, my parents took me to my first Reiki share. I laid down on a table and 5 people placed their hands lightly on my body. I fell into an immediate sleep and when I awoke, I felt completely relaxed.

Who did you study Reiki with?

Christine MacMahan (NC), John Harvey Gray (NH), Joanna Scaparotti (MA), William Lee Rand (MI), Inamoto Hyakuten (Kyoto, Japan- studied with him when he visited US)

What was your experience like with learning Reiki with Joanna Scaparotti or another/other teacher(s)?

All of my teachers have blessed me with their knowledge...

Christine taught me to use my intuition at her weekly Reiki shares. She was the first person who exposed me to Reiki and I am forever grateful for that.

John helped me to feel comfortable with all of the Reiki symbols. His usage of specific hand positions enabled me to strive to be the best channel that I can be in each session by removing my ego.

Joanna helped me see that I was ""worth"" the effort of daily treatments. It was profound when I suddenly began to give myself treatments every day. Doing this meant I let go of limitations of self-worth that I had placed upon myself, allowing me to break old patterns. Her style spreads classes out over a long period of time which makes students more accountable. A period of each class is dedicated to discussing treatments given as well as self treatments.

William Inamoto Kyakuten's class allowed me to let go of further limitations. He brought me back to the simplicity of Reiki.

What have been some significant milestones in your Reiki journey so far?

The blessings of Reiki have been so numerous in my life...I have personally seen my mother (who was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue when I was 8) gradually improve her own health through treatments from a Reiki Master, Self-Treatment, and family reiki shares. I have seen my own issues with anxiety and depression decrease to the point that I no longer rely on medication. In the treatment room, I have witness amazing transformations: pregnancy where infertility was diagnosed, sensation in an appendage that had been damaged from stroke, miraculous healing after invasive surgery, and so many more.

What level of Reiki training have you completed?

Reiki Master Teacher

What does your self Reiki practice look like now?

I practice daily self treatments for at least 10-15 minutes a day. I often will do this in absentee format so as to utilize the mental emotional healing of Reiki without falling asleep. In addition, I follow the Reiki precepts. Gratitude and holding gratitude in high esteem has made me a happier individual. In addition to self-treatment, I maintain a "blessings" jar where I write down all of the things that I feel grateful for in my life.

What challenges have you encountered with your personal Reiki practice?

For years, I was eager to work on others, but was not able to find myself worthy of the same care. Under Joanna's tutelage, I was able to come to terms with this and eliminate some of the limiting patterns from my life. I used to host Reiki shares in my area. At this time, I am looking for another space to host shares in my area.

Do you have a public, professional Reiki practice?


If you do have a professional Reiki practice, tell me about it!

I have a Massage and Reiki Practice in Watertown, MA. I offer reiki, massage, and combined sessions to clients with a variety of needs. I feel I have an affinity working with women who experience chronic pain issues (CFS, FMS, etc.), anxiety/depression, and fertility issues. In addition, I offer small reiki classes and individual reiki instruction. Look at Heather's website here.

Heather's contaction information

Heather Smidt, MEd, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher Laurel Wellness 1 Grove St. Watertown, MA 617-595-1801 ~ heathersmidt.com ~ heathersmidt@gmail.com

What challenges have you encountered with your professional Reiki practice?

I wish there was a better governing board for Reiki. Right now, the organizations that are our there that offer the best support require that teachers use their materials only. In general, Reiki is unregulated in most states. The fact that Reiki is unregulated means that anyone can take a Reiki workshop and offer Reiki professionally. This has its ups and downs for getting the general public to see the efficacy of Reiki.

What do you envision for your Reiki practice in the future?

I envision using more "acureiki" in my practice moving forward. I am currently enrolled in an acupuncture program at the New England School of Acupuncture. This is a technique that Inamoto Hyakuten utilizes and I hope that my additional knowledge of point location and effects will enable me to offer people another non-insertive acupuncture technique.

What do you hope and envision for the Reiki profession as a whole in the future?

I hope that there will be balance in licensing for practitioners. A governing board for both teachers and professionals would give provide a greater sense of comfort for the consumer.

I feel so blessed to have Reiki as a part of my life. Walking the Reiki path has enabled me to work towards becoming my personal best.