Dana Tate ~ Massage, Teaching & Consulting

Where were you in life & in your business before you worked with Joanna?: 

Before I began working with Joanna, I felt scattered in my practice. I had many abilities, but no way to integrate them and create a practice that best suited my personality.

What did you learn and develop while working with Joanna?: 

Working with Joanna was exciting and uplifting; not only did I see the big picture of where I wanted to take my practice, but I had the actual words and strategic steps to take to make the transition happen seamlessly. Plus, working with Joanna was always fun and inspiring.

I found that my communication skills improved drastically, and I felt very supported as I spread my wings in a totally new field.

The most significant take-away that I got from this work was the ability to imagine my perfect practice while taking realistic steps to create exactly what I wanted.

How do you define your Success now?: 

My practice has completely integrated and shifted into a fulfilling career. Not only am I working full time, but I am also teaching and consulting; I am thoroughly enjoying the fullness of my heart centered career.

Any other words of wisdom?: 

If you are not quite sure if working with a coach is a rewarding choice, I encourage you to seriously consider working with Joanna. She is fully present with her clients, and you will be amazed by the abundance you will experience in your practice as she mentors you. Deep peace, Dana Tate

(Learn more about Dana Tate and her business: Tupelo Holistic Center.)