Carla Orr


When did you first realize you were drawn to Reiki?

A few close friends of mine received Reiki, and then went on to receive Reiki I. This was back in 2009 when I was living in Portland, OR. They highly recommended their teacher and I became curious about it. At the time I was pretty new to the ideas of energy and how it moved through the body. I was also becoming more and more aware of how sensitive I was to energy.

Who did you study Reiki with?

I studied with Jessica Schaffer in Portland, OR. I received Reiki I in 2010 and Reiki II in 2013.

What was your experience like with learning Reiki with Joanna Scaparotti or another/other teacher(s)?

One of the most important things that I remember, which drew me to Jessica, was her ability to teach in a way that really showed her deep sense of commitment, trust, and integrity in how to practice Reiki. I guess it was almost to a fault..because it was hard for me, then, to realize that I could have other people trust me and that I could practice with the same integrity. It was hard for me to give myself Reiki or feel confident that I could give it to others. I found Reiki to be simple, incredibly profound, as well as a selfless and clean approach in the way energy is passed to the receiver.

What have been some significant milestones in your Reiki journey so far?

As I said previously, I had such a deep respect for Reiki when I took Reiki I, that I had a hard time trusting that I was worthy to receive Reiki for myself. It was only until I took Reiki II that I was able to commit to a self practice, which I am now benefitting from. I have learned so much about energy and how it moves through me in the time between taking Reiki I and II. In that time I went to Jessica for direction and was sort of like energy boot camp for by the time I felt ready to take Reiki II I was more grounded and better versed in being a clear container. My respect for the practice was deepened and also clarified, as I was able to spend one-on-one time with my teacher and discuss with her how I envisioned Reiki being integrated into my life.

What level of Reiki training have you completed?

Reiki 2

What does your self Reiki practice look like now?

I started my daily self practice upon completion of Reiki II at the end of September, 2013. I have attended a few Reiki shares as well.

What challenges have you encountered with your personal Reiki practice?

I am so thankful to be doing self Reiki daily. I am also incorporating Reiki into my other personal energy practices, studying the effects of it, and am excited to see how and where Reiki takes me.

Do you have a public, professional Reiki practice?

Not at this time, I am not interested

What do you envision for your Reiki practice in the future?

My focus right now is to have a personal Reiki practice, and to have Reiki help inform me in my other energy-based artistic offerings. I offer Reiki to family and friends, and I may offer it as a part of my professional services in the future.

What do you hope and envision for the Reiki profession as a whole in the future?

I would love for more people to know what Reiki is and have it become something that they turn to for support. I would love to live in a world where more people turn to the mind/body/spirit approach to their health and well being.

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