Paying it Forward


I have exciting news to share with you!

Last night at our meeting, I was asked to step into the role of a full member of the Celebration of Reiki Conferenceplanning committee! I'm so thrilled by this development, and it is such an honor to be a part of the 2015 conference. Building community and bringing people together is part of my personal mission, and you know that living the Reiki principles is how I shape my life and work. I'm so grateful to be able to serve our greater New England community in this way. I hope that you will save the date (April 26, 2015) and plan to come with me to the conference! Also, send me a note if you would like to be added to the conference mailing list!

Paying it forward  is a way of living gratitude through your actions.  The idea of paying it forward has been on my mind this week because I am so grateful for my new job and love the work that I am doing for an organization whose mission is creating families.   Paying it forward is a way to affirm abundance and love in your life. It's a way to express gratitude and live your faith that all will be ok.  

If you took any of my classes, you have likely heard me talk about how my wonderful friend,  mentor,  and Reiki Master Teacher Capri Smith asked me to pay my Reiki Master training forward instead of paying her.  At that time, in early 2006, she told me that her life was full and abundant, and she'd rather me pay it forward to someone who was in need of it more than her at this time.  I took her message to heart, and I built paying it forward into the fabric of my Reiki practice over the past 8 years.  Serving as a planning committee member for theCelebration of Reiki Conference is yet another way for me to pay forward all of the wonderful lessons, healing and connections Reiki has brought into my life.

Last week, I watched at TED talk called "How to Buy Happiness" that gets into how spending money on others brings us happiness compared to spending it on ourselves.  Paying it forward is a variation of that, and I'd like to invite some of you to do that with me in August.  My life is full and abundant right now, and I'd like some of you to pay it forward and discover how uplifting the experience can be.

Traditionally, Reiki 2 certification is more expensive than Reiki 1 even though it is a similar time commitment.  I'm offering a Reiki 2 class starting August 5th, and I'd like to give all students who sign up $100 savings on the tuition rate and invite you to instead pay that $100 forward in whatever way makes sense for you. Whether that's through spending the money on someone else, acts of service or giving it to a charitable cause that is important to you, just pay it forward and be a blessing for someone else.  Details about the class and registration here.

And finally, some reminders about opportunities to deepen your Reiki practice this summer, including Reiki volunteers needed on Monday July 28th to help raise money for Beverly Bootstraps Food Pantry summer lunch program for children. 

Reconnect with yourself in one of my special Reiki sessions  I can show you how to follow the Reiki like I did to attract my new job in just a few weeks. Our session will reconnect you with your inner wisdom, fill you with clarity and confidence, and generate the feelings and visions of what you want to attract into your life, so you can receive the opportunities you desire, too.  I highly recommend practicing what we did in the session at home every day or coming in for multiple sessions so you don't waste any time and miss out on opportunities just waiting for you to open up tot them! I offer 10% savings if you purchase a package of 3 sessions or 20% if you choose 5.  I also offer a special rate for Reiki students and practitioners, just ask. Purchase a package on my website or email me to schedule a session. 

Saturday July 26th, Christine Gillis will be leading a Mindfulness Practice for Reiki Practitioners Reiki Refresher from 10am-12pm. Through mindfulness you can increase the capacity of your body and mind by taking this very simple practice and allowing it to transform your relationship with yourself, others, thoughts, and situations. Tuition $25. Contact Christine Gillis for more details or to RSVP at 508-934-6040 or  

Introduction to Energy Meditation with Jill Alexander on Sunday July 27th  Please note that this isn't Reiki but the tools are invaluable to practicing Reiki or any other energy-based modality.  I took these classes with Jill, and I can't believe what I was missing all these years!  Everything you interact with-from your job, to your relationships, to your bank balance--holds a vibration of energy. These energies can leave you feeling balanced and healthy...or drained and burned-out. We often lose or give away that energy to other people and events-or take on energy that leaves us feeling stressed and unable to create what we want. Energy Meditation is a practice you can use to give yourself a break from the day-to-day routine, become centered and calm, and step into the vibration YOU want to be in!  

Tuition: $40  Please email to register.

Reiki Volunteers needed to give chair Reiki on  July 28th & Aug 25th from 3-7pm at the Beverly Farmer's Market.  I am looking for a few student Reiki volunteers to practice giving chair Reiki to the public at the Beverly Farmer's Market on June 30th. (Also, July 28th and August 25th, too.)  We need students from 3-7pm, and you can come for as short or long as you are available. There will be no compensation to students, but there is no fee to participate. In fact, we will be asking the public to make a donation for these chair Reiki sessions to go towards the Beverly Bootstraps Food Pantry. My goal is to raise $500 in donations at the Farmer's Market this summer. If you are interested and available to give chair Reiki, contact me or 978-338-4326 to sign up.

Mindfulness Meditation Circle, Now with Reiki on Wednesdays  Every Wednesday from 5:30-6:45pm we practice various mindfulness mediation techniques, enjoy reflective conversation, and have some delicious herbal teas and treats. You can choose to receive Reiki during sitting periods. Previous mindfulness of meditation experience helpful, but not required. This is a great practice for those looking to ease anxiety, stress, gain focus, insight, and overall wellness. $10pp or $5 if you bring a food item for the local pantry. Please share with friend who may be interested and RSVP. Contact Christine Gillis for more details or to RSVP at 508-934-6040 or 5pm, the share is cancelled.  


Female Energy Healing Clinic with Jill Alexander on July 30th. Did you know that women have an additional level to their energetic system that men do not! The female body holds tremendous creative power and an amazing (often unknown!) ability to attract and hold energy. A Female Energy Healing rebalances your female creative energy to replenish your physical and emotional health and move you out of worry and effort to relaxation. Cost: $40 and Healings last approximately 25-30 minutes. Please email to register.

Upcoming Reiki Shares will meet Monday August 4, and 18th from 7-9pm after dinner.  This is a great way to set your energy for the week!  I send reminders out within 24 hours of the share - let me know if you'd like to be on that reminder list.  If there are no affirmative RSVPs by 5pm the share will be cancelled.