Love yourself


"Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself"

Have you heard that new Justin Bieber song on the radio "Love yourself"? It makes me giggle every time I hear it because what he's saying doesn't match what he means, if you're paying attention enough to catch it. However, if you take the words at face value, it is a message you can take to heart. What a gift it would be to quiet the inner critic with the constant monologue about how you're not pretty, thin, lovable, smart, etc.. enough and just "go and love yourself" this month - by treating yourself with kindness, compassion, and care. Especially if the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday makes you feel inadequate or self-conscious.

What if you turned this year's holiday around and gave YOURSELF a loving gift for Valentine's Day instead? Buy yourself flowers, take yourself out to a fancy dinner, book a bodywork session or a spa treatment, buy yourself that piece of jewelry you've been eyeing, take yourself to the theater, cook yourself a healthy meal, take a bubble bath with a good book - whatever makes your heart sing and makes you feel LOVED.

What does your heart need right now?

If you're not sure, try this Remembrance meditation to get in touch with your heart. You could also join me on February 28th from 5:30-7pm for a "Love Yourself" mini retreat where we will practice the Remembrance and a few other activities together in circle to get in touch with our hearts and fill ourselves up with what we need to feel loved, easy and peaceful. Registration is $10 + food pantry donation. RSVP to me.

Opportunities for Self-care and Growth In February

Reiki Sessions in February in Beverly

I am giving Reiki sessions on a very limited basis on Sundays in Beverly at 234 Cabot Street. Please drop me a text or email if you'd like to book one.

Reiki, Qigong and Meditation in February

February 11, 18, 25 : 7-8pm Weekly Meditation at The Healing Center with Katherine

February 21: 3-4:30pm Qigong with Juliet Parry at The Healing Center, meets weekly thru March

February 28th: 5:30 pm Love Yourself mini retreat with me at The Healing Center, 83 Cabot Street

The Healing Center website is here

Love to you!