It's June!


Happy June!

I miss you! How are you? Please write and let me know!

I just celebrated my 39th birthday on Monday. This picture is from the special boat ride I went one with some dear friends.

I have been very busy adjusting to my new commute, job and meeting all the wonderful new people in Boston! Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to be spontaneous, relax and let life unfold instead of always having a plan. I've really been enjoying this time period and just allowing opportunities to blossom as summer approaches.

How have you experienced the last few weeks?

One thing I've discovered is that to have fun, you need time off. Allowing more space for down time has been a theme for me in 2015, and I'm continuing to improve in this area. In addition to transitioning the close of The Healing Center, I'm also streamlining my offerings and classes. One new change for the Reiki community schedule is that we won't be holding Reiki shares after Christine's Thursday night meditation. I've got a special one scheduled on Tuesday June 30th at 7pm,instead. See below.

Don't forget to mark your calendar for the Reiki Reunion on Sunday June 21st at 4pm, too!

Opportunities for Self-care and Growth 222 Cabot Street, Studio 18, downtown Beverly, MA, 978-338-4326

REIKI REUNION: Calling all Reiki students and practitioners! Join me for a Reiki Reunion on Sunday June 21 from 4-7pm. We will catch up, discuss stories over a potluck followed by a Reiki share on the Summer Solstice (June 21)! May meet at the beach if the weather cooperates! Email me to RSVP

Special Reiki Share on Tuesday June 30th starting at 7pm. Plan to arrive around 6:45pm, and then we will sit for meditation at 7pm followed by a Reiki share. RSVP to if you plan to attend. $5-10 + food pantry donation

Meditation Circle & Classes My colleague Christine Eaton offers a Mindfulness Meditation sitting on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm in Studio 18. Check her out at

My colleague Jill Alexander will be offering several Intro of Energy Meditation classes this summer, and I strongly recommend you check one of them out. The techniques she teaches are great skills for Reiki practitioners to have for managing their own energy and holding their space. Check her out at

Student Reiki Clinic Students/practitioners needed for the Reiki clinic on June 16th from 6:30-8:30pm with client sessions at 7 and 7:45pm. There are student and client openings still available. Email me to RSVP.

New to Reiki Open House - Sunday June 21st from 3-4pm This monthly free open house is for anyone with questions about Reiki or Reiki certification at any level. Please let your friends and family who are interested in learning about Reiki know about this open house. Reiki 2 Certification classes meet on Sundays 7pm starting July 26th

Reiki 2 builds upon Reiki 1 and includes three Reiki symbols and energy archetypes for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It can also be used for breaking addictions, changing habits, and healing stuckness from the past experiences. You will also learn how to give Reiki over a distance and use Reiki to make changes in your own life.  Meets Sundays 7pm-8:30pm on July 26- Aug 30th, and Clinic on August 18th from 6:30-8:30pm. Pay it forward tuition savings of $100 if you donate or do community service!