Inspiration and evolution


The sunrise over Beverly Harbor is beautiful and inspiring!  I am so looking forward to what's next - even though I'm not totally what that is yet!  I am going to miss this seaside neighborhood quite a bit when I finish my move in a few short weeks.  The transition of releasing both The Healing Center and my beloved apartment has been emotional and challenging, but so worth it.  Letting go of what no longer serves you is a necessary step in creating a life that makes you happy and healthy.  There are a few items left from The Healing Center for sale, and I am selling my large collection of holistic and spiritual books, as well as a few other odds and ends, in a yard sale in Beverly tomorrow morning from 8am-noon.  Email me for the address if you are interested in coming by to rummage through the treasures!Please rest assured that despite this transition, I am not going away. This is a transformation, an evolution, not an ending. I am looking forward to having the freedom to focus on teaching, practicing, consulting and volunteering with Reiki in Beverly and the Boston area come September.Please stay in touch: you can follow me on Facebook or my website or continue to receive these newsletters. Jill and Christine will also continue their practices - check them out on their websites as well.Here's what left for the rest of August in The Healing Center studio:  

  • The last event I'm hosting at The Healing Center is the monthly Reiki clinic on thiscoming Tuesday evening.  Email me if you'd like to participate.  Stay tuned for new location and time in September!
  • Jill is offering her Intro to Energy Meditation class this coming Sunday morningAugust 16th and a very special Healing Touch package of 3 sessions for only $75.  Check her out at
  • Christine is hosting meditation circle followed by Reiki share on Thursday Aug 20th.  She's also offering "Pay What You Can Afford" Reiki sessions through August. Check her out at


Opportunities for Self-care and Growth222 Cabot Street, Studio 18, downtown Beverly, MAwww.joannascaparotti.com978-338-4326

Mindfulness Meditation followed by Reiki Share with ChristineChristine has decided to offer the mindfulness meditation followed by Reiki share this summer!  Here are the details: Thursdays: August 20Meditation 6:30-7:30, Reiki share 7:30-8:30WHERE: 222 Cabot St., Studio 18, Beverly, MASign up to let Christine know you will be attending here!Meditation Class - Sunday August 16th

My colleague Jill Alexander is holding Intro to Energy Meditation class on Sundaymorning, and I strongly recommend you check it out. The techniques she teaches are great skills for Reiki practitioners to have for managing their own energy and holding their space.  Check her out at Sessions For August, I am offering a limited number of Reiki sessions on Sunday evenings andTuesday evenings at my friend/family/student rate of $35 for 45 minutes or $55 for 75 minutes. If you need a session on a different day/evening or sooner than I have available, I will gladly refer you to one of my local colleagues.  Email me to schedule. 

Reiki TrainingsFall Reiki 1 and 2 Certifications Locations and dates to be determined for Fall 2015, but keep an eye out for North Shore and Boston offerings!

Reiki Master Certification 

There has been some interest in a Reiki Master Certification program starting in the fall or January 2016. Take a look at an overview of the program here, and please drop me a note if you are interested. If there is enough interest, we will schedule the program once Fall arrives!