Happy Spring!!


Happy Spring!

This weekend is the spring equinox, and I am so excited! Welcoming spring feels like seeing the rainbow after a heavy storm. So uplifting and joyful! Winters are long and painfully cold for me, and I am feeling much more like myself with the longer days and warmer weather. I don't mind the rain one bit because it means it's not cold enough to snow! It takes 1-2 bodywork sessions a week to maintain my sanity during winter, and I want to take a moment to shout out to the wonderful practitioners who helped me get through winter this season : massages by Noelle Ross at Marshview Massage and Wellness, Healing Touch sessions with Jill Alexander and mindful Reiki sessions with Christine Eaton. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I've been very busy and really enjoying my new program at the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. I am learning to work with energy in a whole new way, from the 6th chakra instead of with the hands. I really enjoy being on sabbatical from teaching, and its so much fun to be a student again! If you're curious about this type of energy work, I recommend checking out Jill Alexander's Energy Meditation 101 class - her spring session is starting next week.

Also - calling all north shore Reiki students/practitioners - Katherine is looking for volunteers for The Healing Center's monthly Reiki clinic and participants for the monthly Reiki share! Contact her at info@thehealingcenterbeverly.com.

Opportunities for Self-care and Growth This Spring

Reiki Sessions in Beverly

I am giving Reiki sessions on a very limited basis on Sundays in Beverly at 234 Cabot Street. Please drop me a text or email info@joannascaparotti.com if you'd like to book one.

Other Reiki practitioners in Beverly that I highly recommend:

  • Katherine Oregel at The Healing Center
  • Linda Scott at We Knead you Healthy
  • Christine Eaton at The Mindful Gallery
  • Olga Kaminsky at Eternal Balance
  • Maria Barresi at Soulful Bodyworks


Energy Meditation 101 with Jill Alexander

WEDNESDAYS, 7-9:30pm MARCH 23RD-APRIL 27TH Energy Meditation 101 is a 6-week class of playful, practical, and powerful tools that will teach you how to work with energy. The tools taught in this class are based on unique meditation, intuitive development, and guided imagery techniques and can be applied in all areas of your life--from work and relationships to health and home--and used to grow your awareness and understanding. **PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. PLEASE EMAIL JILL@ENERGYWELLNESSNE.COM

Reiki Opportunities

Weekly Meditation

The Healing Center is open every Thursday 7:00pm-8:00pm for an open meditation. Anyone is welcome to come on these designated nights and enjoy the safe, warm, and inviting space to practice his or her own self-meditation. Quiet, calming music will be played, and water and mats will be available if you do not bring your own. Come for the full hour, or stay for 10 minutes! Cost is $5 (and optional but encouraged item to donate to the food pantry.) Please RSVP to info@thehealingcenterbeverly.com before each meditation.

Monthly Reiki share - April 5

Join Katherine every first Tuesday of the month, 6:00pm-7:30pm for a Reiki share! Reiki practitioners of all levels and lineages are welcome. The suggested contribution is $5, plus an item to donate to the local food pantry. Come meditate with the group, then share and receive some Reiki, enjoy the positive company of others, and start your month off in a relaxing and centered way. For more information or to RSVP, contact Katherine at info@thehealingcenterbeverly.com

Reiki Clinic - March 22 and April 26th at The Healing Center

Student and practitioner volunteers needed to staff the clinic! It's a great opportunity to practice on someone you don't know under the guidance of an experienced pracititoner. Contact Katherine at info@thehealingcenterbeverly.com for more information.

Reiki Classes

Katherine has a Reiki 1 class starting in April at The Healing Center. Details here. For those looking for Reiki 2 or Master certification, Olga Kaminsky is offering Reiki 2 and Reiki Master classes in Beverly. Contact her here.

Love to you!