Do you have the keys and confidence to succeed?

Do you have the confidence, clarity and courage to shape your holistic health, bodywork or wellness practice into the type of business that brings you the clients income and opportunities that support and fulfill you every single day?

A thriving, successful, practice that is filled with clients you love to work with requires a commitment that you stay true to yourself in every way.

I've learned - and now teach - that the real secret of a thriving practice lies in your confidence, clarity, and courage to be yourself. When you operate and market your business from this place, the clients who need your help will find you.

If you are determined to see your holistic health, bodywork or wellness practice bring in the type of clients, income and opportunities that support and fulfill you every single day, this Apprenticeship is perfect for you.

The 12 week Apprenticeship will guide you in creating a sustainable, personalized foundation for your business so your practice will grow and thrive. It will take you step by step through the most important discoveries and decisions you need to make for a profitable and fulfilling practice. It will provide you with the inner and outer tools you need to become a successful heart-centered entrepreneur and practitioner.

Is this Apprenticeship right for you?

You are passionate about being of service and helping people feel better and change their lives. You are determined to make a difference in others lives and in your community by teaching and modeling what you know about how to live well and experience abundance.You are committed to working for yourself and making a comfortable living doing so. You are dedicated to growing and maintaining an authentic business that is in alignment with your values and integrates seamlessly into your chosen lifestyle. You are enthusiastic about creative collaboration with other like minded professionals.

But you

  • just opened your practice in the last six months (or are about to) 
  • are struggling to find clients or aren't totally sure how to attract the clients you need for your practice to be fulfilling and profitable 
  • aren't confident that you know the most affordable, effective, and yet compassionate way to promote your services 
  • want or need to grow your practice to full time so you can leave your day job and/or support yourself but don't quite know how to do so 
  • don't want to (or can't afford to) work alone in a private office and cover the expenses all by yourself 
  • are seeing clients at home which feels awkward at times
  • sometimes your clients don't take you as seriously as you'd like 
  • are tired of the "Cycle of Despair" where you're always looking for new clients because your current clients aren't rebooking 

This program is for those who are truly committed to offering their gifts and skills to help people heal and become well, and who are committed to creating a successful, sustainable business.

"I recommend this program because this is what WE all need. We need to look at the irrational obstacles we've created for ourselves. We need someone willing to genuinely help guide us and give us a supportive, structured opportunity to provide the best practice we possibly can have."- Jennifer C. (Read Jennifer's Success Story here.)

What's included in the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Apprenticeship?

This Apprenticeship will help you get clear on how to create and shape a successful Heart-Centered business for your practice. You will discover how to envision and create an authentic practice that supports your lifestyle, develop a soulful professionalism and communication style for interacting with your clients, and learn the best heart-centered business practices for your business. You will also experience the benefits of collaborating with like-minded professionals in the online community for inspiration, encouragement and accountability.

This includes:

  • Your unique practice: your vision, your ideal clients, your gifts 
  • Authentic marketing strategies: your niche, tagline, and marketing materials that feel sincere and compassionate instead of "sales-y" 
  • Business strategies: work/life balance, finances, budgeting, business collaborations, building long term relationships, agreements, etc.. 
  • Effective heart-centered communication with clients that encourages relationships
  • Abundance and appreciation as strategies for growing your business


"I think the most valuable insight was realizing that I am holding myself back and no one else. I am able to dream bigger and I am more confident in the success of my business. It feels great not have to compromise between what I want to do and what I think will fetch me the most money. I have the confidence to do what I feel is best for me and I know that I will be provided for." - Olga T. (Read Olga's Success Story here.)