About Joanna Scaparotti


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Since 2001, Joanna has worked in all aspects of the wellness industry from the front desk at small and large wellness centers in the Boston Metro area to the treatment room giving Reiki & wellness coaching sessions to individuals for alleviating stress and managing chronic illness and pain.

Joanna specializes in working with people who are changing, growing and becoming more sensitive and aware of the subtle energy inside and around them. Her Reiki sessions and classes are designed to be empowering and increase self-awareness, so her clients and students can learn how to be in harmony with the subtle energy to improve their own lives and the lives of those they care about.  

In 2006, she began teaching Reiki and developing her unique, comprehensive Reiki certification programs, that draw upon practices from qigong, yoga and meditation to help her students become proficient in a daily self practice so they are centered, balanced and grounded as Reiki practitioners.  She teaches Reiki certification over a period of weeks and months so that students receive guidance and support as they change and grow into effective, nurturing Reiki practitioners. Joanna's graduates are some of the best Reiki practitioners in the area. All graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in Reiki are also equipped with best heart-centered business practices so they can build sustainable businesses.

In 2009, Joanna opened The Healing Center, a collaborative association of healing and wellness professionals in Beverly, MA.  Joanna's passion is creating mindful entrepreneurship and heart-centered businesses in the wellness industry that seamlessly integrate values such as abundance, service and wellness with the freedom of flexible lifestyles and the benefits of creative community collaboration.  She has been pursing a Masters in Business Administration from Endicott College, with the long term goal of growing and selling franchises of The Healing Center's collaborative business model.

Joanna is also a prolific writer, and in addition to her blog, she has written Reiki certification workbooks, teacher training manuals, and heart-centered entrepreneurship programs.